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[外文翻译]High-speed milling——高速铣削

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High-speed machining is an advanced manufacturing technology, different from the traditional processing methods. The spindle speed, cutting feed rate, cutting a small amount of units within the time of removal of material has increased three to six times. With high efficiency, high precision and high quality surface as the basic characteristics of the automobile industry, aerospace, mold manufacturing and instrumentation industry, such as access to a wide range of applications, has made significant economic benefits, is the contemporary importance of advanced manufacturing technology. For a long time, people die on the processing has been using a grinding or milling EDM (EDM) processing, grinding, polishing methods. Although the high hardness of the EDM machine parts, but the lower the productivity of its application is limited. With the development of high-speed processing technology, used to replace high-speed cutting, grinding and polishing process to die processing has become possible. To shorten the processing cycle, processing and reliable quality assurance, lower processing costs.

1 One of the advantages of high-speed machining

High-speed machining as a die-efficient manufacturing, high-quality, low power consumption in an advanced manufacturing technology. In conventional machining in a series of problems has plagued by high-speed machining of the application have been resolved.

1.1 Increase productivity
High-speed cutting of the spindle speed, feed rate compared withtraditional machining, in the nature of the leap, the metal removal rate increased 30 percent to 40 percent, cutting force reduced by 30 percent, the cutting tool life increased by 70% . Hardened parts can be processed, a fixture in many parts to be completed rough, semi-finishing and fine, and all other processes, the complex can reach parts of the surface quality requirements, thus increasing the processing productivity and competitiveness of products in the market.

1.2 Improve processing accuracy and surface quality
High-speed machines generally have high rigidity and precision, and other characteristics, processing, cutting the depth of small, fast and feed, cutting force low, the workpiece to reduce heat distortion, and high precision machining, surface roughness small. Milling will be no high-speed processing and milling marks the surface so that the parts greatly enhance the quality of the surface. Processing Aluminum when up Ra0.40.6um, pieces of steel processing at upto Ra0.2 ~ 0.4um.



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