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The Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing and its application in molding manufacturing

       Abstract: By discussing the rapid prototyping technology the craft principle, characteristic of the processes, formation and the general situation of the develop of fast prototype and its application in molding, point out the technique can form a kind of a process system of extensive application and novel, and its foreground is vast.
       Key Words: rapid prototyping technology; molding manufacturing; development of product
  Rapid prototyping technology is a new type of multidisciplinary integrated manufacturing technology. After the 1980s, following the application of computer-aided design, product shape and design capabilities have greatly improved, however, product design has completed, production, a system must be designed to convey the concept of samples, rapid feedback to product design, product design and assess the feasibility, and feasibility studies. The increasingly fierce competition in the market today, the time is effective. To enhance the competitiveness of products, from product development to volume production of the whole process are urgently required to reduce costs and increase speed. Rapid prototype technology appearance provides an effective solution to this problem which much attention at home and abroad.
1. The basic principle of Rapid Prototyping Technology
  The RP is the generic name of the principle creation product prototype that uses the long-lost layering, its principle is: Produce CAD modelà Stratified separated àaccording to the plan geometry information which is dispersed to pile up the original materialà generating entity models.
  This technology integrates of computer technology, laser processing technology, new material technology, relying on CAD software in the creation of 3D computer models entities, and is divided into a series of plane geometry information to control the scanning laser beam direction and speed, using sinter, pooling or chemical reaction means exhaustive selective processing of raw materials, thus rapid accumulation manufacture products entities models.
2. The characteristics of Rapid Prototyping Technology
  Rapid Prototyping Technology breaks the traditional way to produce spare parts of “roughcast àslice to pare to processàfinished”, Needless cutlery created the first production of spare parts, is an unprecedented lamina reducing processing methods. Comparing to tradition, the fast prototype processes the following advantage:
(1)Produce the spare parts of the curved face and more complicated appearance quickly, such as shoulder within spare parts and hollow and parts of etc.s, consumedly lowered the development cost of the new product and development period.
(2)Is a non-contact processing, machine tool cutting processing is necessary cutlery and jig without cutlery wear and cutting force.
(3)Without vibration, noise and slice to pare the waste.

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