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单片机简介_Single chip brief introduction

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Single chip brief introduction

The monolithic integrated circuit said that the monolithic micro controller, it is not completes some logical function the chip, but integrates a computer system to a chip on. Summary speaking: A chip has become a computer. Its volume is small, the quality is light, and the price cheap, for the study, the application and the development has provided the convenient condition. At the same time, the study use monolithic integrated circuit is understands the computer principle and the structure best choice.
The monolithic integrated circuit interior also uses with the computer function similar module, for instance CPU, memory, parallel main line, but also has with the hard disk behave identically the memory component7 what is different is its these part performance is opposite our home-use computer weak many, but the price is also low, generally does not surpass 10 Yuan then Made some control electric appliance one kind with it is not the 'very complex work foot, We use now the completely automatic drum washer, the platoon petti-coat pipe: VCD and so on Inside the electrical appliances may see its form! It is mainly takes the control section the core part.
It is one kind of online -like real-time control computer, online -like is the scene control, needs to have the strong antijamming ability, the low cost, this is also and the off-line type computer (for instance home use PC,) main difference
The monolithic integrated circuit is depending on the procedure, and may revise. Realizes the different function through the different procedure, particularly special unique some functions, this is other component needs to take the very big effort to be able to achieve, some are the flowered big strength is also very difficult to achieve. One is not the very complex function, if develops in the 50s with the US 74 series, or the 60s's CD4000 series these pure hardware do decides, the electric circuit certainly arc a big PCB board ! But if, if succeeded in the 70s with the US puts in the market the series monolithic integrated circuit, the result will have the huge difference. Because only the monolithic integrated circuit compiles through you the procedure may realize the high intelligence, high efficiency, as well as redundant reliability
The CPU is the key component of a digital computer. Its purpose is to decode instruction received from memory and perform transfers, arithmetic, logic, and control operations with data stored in internal registers, memory, or I/O interface units. Externally, the CPU provides one or more buses for transferring instructions, data, and control information to and from components connected to it. A microcontroller is present in the keyboard and in the monitor in the generic computer; thus these components are also shaded. In such microcontrollers, the CPU may be quite different from those discussed in this chapter. The word lengths may be short, the number of registers small, and the instruction sets limited. Performance, relatively speaking, is poor, but adequate for the task. Most important, the cost of these microcontrollers is very low, making their use cost effective.
Because the monolithic integrated circuit to the cost is sensitive, therefore present occupies the dominant status the software is the most preliminary assembly language7 it was except the binary machine code above the most preliminary language, since why were such preliminary must use?
Why high-level did the language already achieve the visualization programming level not to use? The reason is very simple, is the monolithic integrated circuit docs not have home computer such CPU, and also has not looked like the hard disk such mass memory equipment. Inside even if a visualization higher order language compilation script only then a button, also will achieve several dozens K the sizes! Does not speak anything regarding the home use PC hard disk, but says regarding the monolithic integrated circuit cannot accept. The monolithic integrated circuit in the hardware source aspect's use factor must very Gao Caixing, therefore assembly, although primitive actually massively is using, Same truth, if attains supercomputer's on operating system and the application software home use PC to come up the movement, home use PC could also not withstand.

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