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The charging and hooding parts designs of JLY3809 mechanical upright kiln

Abstract:This subject designs the charging and hooding parts of JLY3809 kiln. At present, JLY3809 mechanical upright kiln is a new emerging large diameter kiln. Because many corollary equipment have not been improved and still adopt conventional technology ,so the benefits with the new kiln can not been realized. In this subject we have designed the new charging device and hooding parts of kiln. The supporting and charge spreading have been improved ,too. The production practice indicates that the propping up equipment after transformation transmits steadily. Also the lubrication and the overhaul is convenient; after the transformation cotton material has promoted its altitude. The material cant be easily blocked, which reduces the labor intensity looks at the hot work, the cotton material is not easily corroded, reduced the repair and replacement; a point of small modification is also made in the elevating equipment aspect, adding in antiturning equipment, after the transformation, the hooding parts of kiln is advantageous for the transportation, the hoisting and lower part which rusts is easily away possible alone to be replaced and disassembled. The cast steel is thermostabler than the ordinary Q235 steel, also the cast steel includes part of alloying elements, the oxidation and can not  be easily distorted and so on. The service life of it is generally 2~3 double higher than Q235 ,moreover in the design there also involves the settling pocket and the new dust catcher shaping, reduced the resources waste. Enhanced the cement production efficiency, reduced greatly the environment pollution made by mechanical upright kiln.
Key word:  mechanical; hooding parts of kiln; charging device; dust removal

标签:立窑机 加料及窑罩部件 除尘 JLY3809机 


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