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Nowadays water resources are becoming more and more precious. As a result,sewage disposal and recycling become major issues worldwide. Among varioussewage disposal techniques, the use of flocculating agent and coagulation-supporting agent is an auxiliary measure that is absolutely necessary. Thus, the use of the equipment for dissolving and feeding such agent in the process of sewage disposal is quite common.

For the old-fashioned and traditional sewage disposal techniques, mostly their agent-feeding devices are controlled manually. With such controlling method certain problems exist: the inaccuracy of the quantity of the agent, lack of timely response etc. Those problems directly affect the quality of sewage disposal. Moreover, as the price of macromolecule flocculating agent is extremely high, the financial losses caused by the inaccuracy of the quantity of the agent to be added are highly considerable.

According to the practical operation in sewage disposal, this thesis provides a completely automatic agent-feeding system. The mixing axle and the oar-shaped vane are apt to vibrate and sway during the mixing process. In order to solve this problem, the finity block was used to determine the critical speed of the mixing axle, and the strength of the oar-shaped vane was examined. Through analysis the design specifications of the other main equipment of the whole system were given.

The main strong points of this system:

1) Both the dissolution tank and the storage tank are equipped with level indicators. The liquid level in the tanks and the operation information of various parts are transmitted to PLC controlling system. Thus, the operation is completely automatic, the density of the agent is constant, the quantity of the agent is accurate;

2)The design of the storage tank's volume is reasonable. It can meet both the requirement for the dissolution tank to let off the agent every two hours, and the flow requirement for the measuring pump to feed the flocculating device continuously.

3) After two hours' mixing in the mixing machine, a unique technique of agent soakage is achieved. The uneven dissolution of the flocculating agent is avoided. The heating depository can prevent the dry flocculating agent from agglomeration due to damp.

4) The rotate speed of the spiral feeder is adjustable. Hence, the quantity of the agent can be adjusted according to the worksite conditions, the effective density of the agent is ensured;

5)The controlling system is advanced, the operation is continuous, stable, safe and reliable; The aim of this thesis is to find a product whose practical value is higher and whose application is wider. Ultimately, both environmental and economic benefits can be obtained.

Key Words:sewage disposal completely automatic agent-feeding device  PLC controlling  flocculating agent   finity block  mixing 



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